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My name is Neil Feltham and I live and work in Edinburgh. I have worked within the NHS for the past 23 years and I am currently employed within the Programmes and Development Team (Business Intelligence) as a project officer within NHS Lothian.

When I am not at work I am usually either fly fishing or working on my freeNAS server which has been an ongoing personal project of mine for the last few years. In addition to the server stuff, I also like to tinker about with single board computers a.k.a the Raspberry Pi.

I am a massive fan of Linux and Open-Sources software. In fact, my entire home network – Servers, PC’s and Laptops all run open-source applications either on Windows or Linux platforms and I thought that it would be nice to pass on what I have learn’t over time in the hope that it will help others should they take their first steps into the open-source world, hence the development of this website.

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