Adding desktop shortcuts on Ubuntu 19.04

So the next stable version of Ubuntu 19.04 has now been release and to be honest it’s looking pretty good, however, the way you add a desktop shortcut to an application has changed slightly so after a bit of playing about I have managed to work out how to do it and I think it’s worth a share.

Locate the applications folder

The applications folder is in exactly the same place as in previous versions of Ubuntu. The location is:

Other Locations \ Comuter \ usr \ share \ applications

Here is where the first difference is noticeable. In Ubuntu 18.04 you will see nice icons relating to applications installed on the system. In Ubuntu 19.04 you see this:

It’s not pretty, however, it is what it is. The easiest way to find the application is to search for it by name. In this instance I am going to search for the Firefox application as illustrated below:

And copy a shortcut over to the desktop.

It’s still not pretty and if you try to click on it, rather than getting a prompt asking if you want to trust the application, you get this:

Not much good is it?. Well here’s the trick. If you right click on the icon the usual context menu will appear. About mid-way down the menu options you will see the following:

Allow Launching

As soon as you click on this option you magically get the Firefox application icon:

Click on the shortcut and the application opens…. simples…


So it is possible to get desktop icons back onto your Ubuntu desktop. It’s not pretty how, as a user you are forced to jump through several hoops to get a desktop application Icon but it does seem to work, and for me, it’s another step forward before I fully migrate to Ubuntu 19.10.