How to avoid having to pair a bluetooth mouse all the time in a dual boot laptop/pc

Hell that is a long title for a post!

Anyway I had recently setup my Windows 10 PC as a dual boot system with Ubuntu Linux which went without any hitches. However, I did notice that I had to re-pair my Bluetooth mouse every time I booted into either Windows or Linux . This was going to be a major pain so I decided to do a search online for a solution which I eventually found, tested and proved to work. therefore I think it deserve a share.

Pair you Bluetooth mouse in Windows

Pair your mouse in Windows. Then go to open regedit as administrator and navigate to:


When you expand the keys folder you will see a folder named like a MAC address (something like this 0010def34dff this is the machine MAC address) Click on the folder and on the main screen you will see the device which will be in the same format as the machine MAC address.  Take a note of both MAC addresses and then reboot to prepare to pair the mouse to your Linux operating system.

Pair your Bluetooth mouse in Linux

Pair your mouse as you would normally do in Linux, then, open files click on other locations then click on the drive that contains your Linux system and click on it and navigate to :


Open the Bluetooth folder and you will see a folder named as the machine MAC address. Check against the machine MAC from Windows (they should be the same). When you try to open the folder you will need to enter your Linux password. You will now see another folder labeled with a MAC address, this should be the device MAC.

Open the device MAC and you will see an info file. Open the info file. Again, you will be prompted to enter your password. Look for the section that says Linkkey, underneath it you will see a 32 character key. Take a note of this key. Now reboot your machine switch off the Bluetooth mouse and boot back into windows.

Booting back into Windows

Switch off your Bluetooth mouse and then reboot boot back into windows. Open regedit as administrator and navigate to:

HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\BTHPORT\Parameters\Keys\Machine MAC\

Click on the Device MAC which will open up the binary value editor. Enter the 32 character Linux key that you copied. Once entered mover the cursor at the start of the original key and delete the original two lines. This should leave 3 lines, the first two lines displaying the Linux key.

Close the editor, reboot windows. Again, switch off the mouse until the operating system has fully booted (to the login screen). You should now be able to use the mouse on both systems without having to re-pair the device to the OS.

In theory this solution may also work for other Bluetooth devices though I haven’t tried it.