How to remove Snap from Ubuntu.

If you have been following this site and been checking out the news from OMGUbuntu then you may have read about proposals to drop Snap support from GNOME software and Fedora ‘disabling’ the Snap pluging for GNOME software

Personally, I’m not too fond of snaps, I prefer to use Flatpak as I find that the applications run better. So with that in mind I wanted to remove snaps completely from my computer. As it turns out, removing snap from Ubuntu is a pretty simple procedure and this is how it can be removed.

Removing Snap

The following procedure will remove snap, snapd along with any installed packages and data. This procedure will also prevent the app store from suggesting apps as well. Using terminal run the following commands.

The check to see if there are any snaps installed on you computer and remove them.

snap list
sudo snap remove program

Remove the program from the sudo snap remove and replace with the name from the snap list command

Next purge the snaps and block reinstall with.

sudo apt purge snapd
sudo apt-mark hold snapd

And finally check for any snap packages with.

apt list --install | grep snap

You should now have completely removed snap from your system.