How to switch from Wayland to X-Org

Ubuntu 18.4 is is a great operating system with quite a few improvements however it does have some annoyances as well like starting up with Wayland enabled by default.

What is Wayland?

Well its a display server which is the replacement to the older xorg display.

New is good?…. Right?

Not necessarily, I noticed that my laptop was running like a dog for the last couple of weeks and it turns out that most of the problems that I was encountering which included jerky mouse movements, screen freezes and overall a slower system was to do with the Wayland graphics server.

Well this is a relatively simple fix as Ubuntu 18.4 ships with both Wayland and Xorg servers so I will disable Wayland however, you will need to have administrator access to undertake this task.

Disabling Wayland

Use your preferred text editor (I prefer to use nano) and run the following command.

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

You should see the following

Now locate the following entry


Remove the # to that it looks like this


As illustrated below

Save the changes and reboot your computer. You should see much better performance.