Setup your first Hyper-V Virtual Machine using Quick Create

In the previous tutorial we looked at getting Hyper-V enabled on Windows 10 Home. Now that it has been enabled you will want to install an Operating System on it and in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install a pre-packaged virtual machine on Hyper-V Manager using Quick Create.

Quick Create

If you have followed the instructions in the previous tutorial you would have created a desktop icon so go ahead and click on it to open the Hyper-V Manager. Right click on the server icon and click on Quick Create as illustrated below.

You should now see the following.

In this instance we will use the Windows 10 dev environment. This is an evaluation version of Windows 10 and will expire after a pre-determined amount of time. To create the virtual machine, click on the big blue Create Virtual Machine button.

The Hyper-V Manager will now download the Windows 10 dev environment. It’s a big file (16.78 GB) so it will take a while. Once downloaded, the application will verify and extract the disk from the image archive. Once the virtual machine has been extracted you should see this.

Click on the big blue Connect button and the Virtual Machine will spin up. After a minute or so (the initial setup). you will see the login screen.

Once logged in you will be presented with a Windows desktop complete with Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2019 installed by default.

A few points of note

In this tutorial we have used the Windows 10 dev environment. This environment is an evaluation with a Windows Licence valid for 47 days. Once the evaluation period has lapsed you will get limited functionality.

If you intend to use Windows as a Virtual Machine, then the same licensing rules apply as if it were a physical PC. That is each copy must have a valid and activated license. You can of course, create another virtual machine from the downloaded image for another 47-day period.

If you don’t fancy using windows why not try setting up a Linux (Ubuntu VM) via quick connect or you could setup a Linux virtual machine from scratch which will be the subject of my next tutorial.